Nationwide agent finds success with contactability

Agent Ethan Kosmin generated over $200,000 in premiums during his first year in business thanks to Contact Concierge.

In November of 2012, Ethan Kosmin become a Nationwide Insurance Agent and started his agency in the hyper competitive marketplace of Philadelphia. After struggling to add clients and sell policies during the dead of winter, he discovered Contactability and things have never been the same.

“Generally people tend to be thinking about the holidays and how to keep live and pay their heating bills, not about buying insurance. I was struggling. I needed help finding people shopping for insurance,” said Ethan Kosmin.

After learning about Contactability, a company from the founders of, Ethan’s business has taken off, faster and more profitable than he could have ever imagined. Ethan became a client of Contactability in January of 2013 and has been writing over 40 policies a month, averaging around $18,000 in premiums per month.

“I can’t believe that after only a few months of being an insurance agent, I started to win awards and recognition from Nationwide. More important to me was the fact that with Contactability, I was seeing my life improve and I was able to give a better life to my family.”

How it works

Ethan attributes his success to hard work and Contactability’s Contact Concierge product. Ethan purchased insurance leads from one of the many of Contactability’s approved partners and uploaded them into the ContactConscierge system. Contactability worked the leads, calling and emailing them. In many cases, they transfer the prospects directly to Ethan or scheduled an appointment for a consultation.

"Contactability saves time, identifies fake and bad leads and live transfers have a higher conversion rates. Talking to people who WANT to get quotes makes life a whole lot easier. You can scale internet leads and Contactibility to get predictable results."

The Lead Results

Total Leads Uploaded: 4837
Calls Initiated: 25,577
Transfers and Appointments with per-qualified Prospects: 1315
Transfer Rate: 36% (after bad leads)
Bad Leads Identified and Kicked Out - 1196

After the Initial Sale

The Contactability Marketing platform enables its users to manage clients throughout their lifecycle. The all-in-one system allows insurance agents to email prospects and clients, get referrals, create landing pages and generate reviews. All the tools are fully integrated and easy to use.

The Email and Review Results

10-15 positive reviews from every 100 clients
5-8 referrals from every 100 clients

"I love it, Contactability helped me win various sales awards for most sales and we are just getting started." – Ethan Kosmin

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Nationwide agent finds success with contactability

Agent Ethan Kosmin generated over $200,000 in premiums during his first year in business thanks to Contact Concierge.

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