Nationwide agent finds continued growth with contactability

Over 50% of New Business is coming from Internet Leads and Contactability for agent Tim Tango!

Agency President Tim Tango is a leader and innovator. Throughout the 50 years he and his family has owned the agency, they have continually modified their marketing and sales tactics to keep up with industry and marketplace changes to stay competitive and continue their long history of growth.

“The internet and mobile devices are not going away. Internet leads represent over 50% of our business. With the exception of a few branding ads in the newspaper and some targeted direct mail for our commercial lines, all of our marketing budget goes toward internet leads and Contactability.” – Tim Tango

After signing up with Contactability, a company from the founders of, Tango, Tango & Tango has been able to improve its efficiency and keep their overhead and client acquisition costs down.

“We didn’t have the staff to contact the leads we were buying in a timely manner. We run a lean operation, one that is focused on client service and satisfaction. Contactability is the first to contact a lead that comes over and we are at an advantage since we are usually first to quote.” – Tim Tango

How it works

Tim attributes his success with internet leads to the hard work of his team and Contactability’s Contact Concierge product. Tango, Tango & Tango purchases insurance leads from several of Contactability’s approved lead partners, who are integrated into the Contact Concierge system. Contactability works the leads as they come in; calling and emailing them. In many cases, they transfer the prospect directly to the staff at Tango, Tango & Tango or scheduled an appointment for a consultation.

"Contactability saves our office time and money. One of the biggest benefits is they identify fake and bad leads. We use this information to buy more leads from the companies that have the highest connect and conversion rates. Contactability helps us save money at every step of the internet lead sales process." – Tim Tango

The Lead Results

Total Leads Managed: 2,848
Calls Initiated: 13,820
Transfers and Appointments with pre-qualified Prospects: 689
Contact Rate: 70%
Bad Leads Identified and Kicked Out: 521

The Contactability Contact Concierge and marketing platform enables its users to manage leads and clients throughout their lifecycle. The all-in-one system allows insurance agents to email prospects and clients, schedule appointments, get referrals, create landing pages and generate reviews. All the tools are fully integrated and easy to use.

"Contactability has truly helped us to stay relevant and competitive. We like to stay on top of new marketing strategies and tactics and Contactability has helped us to do that." – Tim Tango, President, Tango, Tango & Tango

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Nationwide agent finds success with contactability

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